About Us


About Us

"Over two years of establishment, Bit2S has become the trusted outsourcing partner of many companies in Viet Nam. Our mission is to bring the most valuable technology platforms to your business through our expert, professional, and ownership people & team Each business is a journey, Bit2S understands that and decides to be a great partner of yours"

Who We Are

With industry experience, we deliver your projects on time, with top quality, and without compromise. Bit2S is the trusted partner of startups, medium-sized companies, and large enterprises, from dedicated teams to custom software development. We save your time in software development, solve talent shortages and optimize your resources to focus better on your goal.

Our History

Established in 2020, Bit2S was successful in consulting development for businesses in the fields of Fintech, Proptech, E-commerce, ERP, and Rental.

Our Mission

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  • Build - Operate - Transfer: We approach each engagement by starting with a detailed discussion of your business and technology challenges and goals. Then develop a strategy that will shape our engagement, ensure success, and provide you with the most exemplary software development services.
  • From Idea to Product: We make your amazing idea come true with us today without obstacles in technology capabilities or funding resources.


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